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Welcome to Guinea-Bissau

What kind of investor are you? The kind who looks for a sure thing, a modest return? Or the kind who looks for a diamond in the rough, the chance to have a bold vision and make it real?

If you’re interested in making an investment that can make a difference – change the world as well as transform your finances – we encourage you to learn about investment opportunities in Guinea-Bissau.

Like a startup business, Guinea-Bissau is a work in progress – and that is what makes it an attractive investment opportunity. But with political upheaval behind it, increased spending in infrastructure and active encouragement of foreign investment, Guinea-Bissau is now at an inflection point: Smart money is coming in. Deals are getting done. Future fortunes are being made.

Whether you are familiar with Guinea-Bissau or hearing about this fascinating nation for the first time, please contact us to learn more about whether there is an opportunity here that is right for you.

Investment Opportunities

For qualified investors, opportunities abound

Business Climate

A vastly improved climate for business and investment.


According to a World Bank report, “Doing Business 2015,” Guinea-Bissau’s business climate as measured across multiple indicators – e.g, getting credit, obtaining licenses, even basics like securing real estate and electricity – is improving. The currency is stable. Starting a business is easier. Investor protections have improved and in fact Guinea-Bissau ranks first among its peers in protecting minority investors and company directors. [...]

A nation beginning its economic rise.

About the Country


The Republic of Guinea-Bissau, in West Africa, is a former Portuguese colony with a population of 1.6 million. It is part of the larger West African Economic and Monetary Union, whose population is 72 million. Guinea-Bissau is a member of the CFA franc monetary system, meaning its currency is guaranteed by the treasury of France. The nation is known for its astounding natural beauty, a hard-working and friendly people and a government actively courting foreign investment. [...]


To promote investment in one of Africa’s up-and-coming economies. A Guinea-Bissau National Investment Agency encourages and facilitates investment by qualified investors whose objectives align with those of Guinea-Bissau economic officials. By introducing investors to appropriate opportunities in Guinea-Bissau, our aim is to create a win-win situation that benefits the investors, the country and the people of Guinea-Bissau.


In 2014, internationally-recognized economic strategist and investment advisor Carlo Scevola was appointed advisor to the Prime Minister of Guinea Bissau on investments and EU relations, and asked to lead the Guinea-Bissau National Investment Agency. Mr. Scevola and his firm CS&P are active on six continents providing investment and financial advice to businesses, high net worth individuals and family offices.

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