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oppurtunity_icon1Tourism: Given its location, climate and vast stretches of unspoiled natural beauty, tourism development is a major focus of government investment.

oppurtunity_icon2Import-Export: The capital of Guinea-Bissau, Bissau, is a major port city. Infrastructure for import-export, such as customs clearing offices, is already in place. Customs duties are low in all sectors with the exception of luxury goods and alcoholic beverages.

oppurtunity_icon3Telecommunications: Like many African nations, Guinea-Bissau has leapfrogged landline infrastructure in favor of wireless networks. The percentage of the population with mobile phones and Internet access is growing rapidly.

oppurtunity_icon4Construction and Development: There are countless opportunities in this sector, far more than local businesses can hope to meet. Thus it presents excellent opportunity for investment.

oppurtunity_icon5Manufacturing: Today, the manufacturing sector is comprised of small enterprises serving the domestic market. The government is spearheading the development of a more robust industrial sector – including ancillary services such as banking – to make better use of Guinea-Bissau’s wealth of raw materials and also its prime coastal location and deep-water harbor that make it an excellent shipping point of origin.

oppurtunity_icon6Livestock: The livestock sector in Guinea-Bissau is underdeveloped, characterized by small producers of cattle, pigs and poultry. Organized ranching is absent. As the nation as a whole seeks to attract business and tourism, there will be a need for a substantial upgrade in livestock production – and thus opportunities for profitable investment.

oppurtunity_icon7Fisheries: Domestic demand for fish and seafood is rising; hence, the Guinea-Bissau government is providing incentives for investment in this sector. In addition, export swill be facilitated, meaning investors will be able to tap into multiple revenue streams.

oppurtunity_icon8Agribusiness and Agro Processing: Guinea-Bissau soils are fertile and conducive to agricultural production. However, farming methods are largely pre-industrial. Similarly, processing capabilities are hugely underdeveloped, meaning commodities such as fruit juices, sauces, nuts, chicken feed and dairy products must be imported, while surpluses of mangoes, oranges, tomatoes and other fruits go unused. There is room for a massive upgrade to these essential sectors.

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