Helping Investors Capitalize
on a Wealth of Opportunities


According to a World Bank report, “Doing Business 2015,” Guinea-Bissau’s business climate as measured across multiple indicators – e.g, getting credit, obtaining licenses, even basics like securing real estate and electricity – is improving. The currency is stable. Starting a business is easier. Investor protections have improved and in fact Guinea-Bissau ranks first among its peers in protecting minority investors and company directors.

Its geographic situation makes Guinea-Bissau a convenient location for transporting goods to and from world markets. There are many people available to work, and there is experience, particularly in the farming and fishing sectors. The country’s stretch of Atlantic coast and natural beauty suggest a thriving future tourism industry.

For investors, many opportunities for agriculture – large expanses of undeveloped land combined with the prevalence of traditional farming techniques mean that modernization can have major impact on productivity. In addition, climate and conditions are favorable to agriculture. The same is true of fishing, a sector that holds the promise of incrased productivity through modernization.

To spur economic growth, the government of Guinea-Bissau is offering incentives, protections and guarantees to investors:

  • All investments, foreign or domestic, are provided equal treatment
  • No seizure or nationalization of assets
  • Freedom to transfer profits
  • Potential for 50% tax reduction for six-year period

A vastly Improved
climate for Business
and Investment.

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